Best Practices




Buth Bharraigh Ltd

Mission: Bùth Bharraigh is as a community social enterprise, Bùth Bharraigh provides a route to market for local producers and also supply goods and services that otherwise would not be available for local and visiting customers.

Yellow Hare

Mission: Ethical retailing is at the core of Yellow Hare’s ethos. “We

Selling coffee, tea and cakes an‘ d made-on-Tiree gifts to tourists as well as providing a coin-operated launderette and a coin- operated shower, both of which are accessible 24 hours per day.

Isle of Eigg Brewery

Mission: Laig Bay Brewery believes that micro brewing is about making beer for the area where you live. “We think the essence of the craft beer revolution, is the idea that you should be able to drink beer that is made close to where you’re drinking it.

Bute Fabrics

Mission: Best practice of migrant or refugee that has successfully settled and integrated in the blue growth economy through setting up an enterprise/organisation.

Rayan Take-away restaurant

Mission: Make the best Syrian food available to people living and visiting Rothesay

Edris Upholstery Furnishings

Mission: With over 30 years experience in the upholstery trade Mohammed Edris takes great pride in providing a bespoke service, tailored to match the individual needs, inspirations and ideas of each client.

ISARO Social Integration Network

Mission: To promote social and economic integration of the growing Ethnic Minority community in West Dunbartonshire and neighbouring area

Fyne Future

Mission: Deliver social, employment , educational and health benefits for the isle of Bute.

Main Activities: Recycling plastic bottles, food and drink cans, paper and textile through regular kerbside collection for processing in the Re-Cycling Centre.

Helmi’s Patisserie

Mission: Provide the best selection of patisserie, celebration cakes and Syrian delicacies on the isle of Bute in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Main Activities: Making and selling croissants, cakes, celebration cakes, coffee and teas as well as Syrian breakfast and light lunches

North UistDistillery

Mission: To produce fine artisan spirits rooted in a remote and beautiful Scottish island.


Blue Sea Sand

Mission: To raise the competitiveness of Sicilian fishing system, through a series of actions that aim at fostering the quality of products and services, using marketing, finance, ITCs, and management skills. Central vision of the District is the Blue Economy.

Main Activities: The District represents the whole fishing sector in Sicily, and one of the main protagonists of the Blue Economy.

FLAG Sardegna Orientale

Mission: FLAG (Fisheries Local Action Group) Sardegna Orientale is a non-profit organisation whose main purpose is to carry out initiatives aiming at further developing and enhancing the fishery sector. It comprises an area from Posada to Cagliari.


Mission: The Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation aims at contributing to a fair and sustainable future for the people living in the Mediterranean by the conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems and the enhancement of cultural heritage.

One Ocean Foundation

Mission: The mission of the Foundation is the safeguarding of the ocean with simple actions practible for everyone.

Main Activities: The organisation develops specific projects which help to safeguard marine life. The first of these projects is the Charta Smeralda


Mission: Born in 2004, it is a National Association that promotes and enhances activities of professional fishing

Main Activities: It takes part to seminars, conferences and fairs in order to promote the culture of the sea, of the coastal lagoons and all those species that live and interact within these environments, through the activities of fishingtourism and fisherytourism. Moreover, it promotes a register of good practices by using the label “Pescaturismo”.


Mission: AsdoMAR is a brand of the company Generale Conserve, the second largest producer of canned fish on the Italian market, representing a benchmark model for quality and innovation.

Waste Boat Service

Mission: The management of the “garbage” coming from of leisure boats in the harbor, ensuring a fast, efficient, reliable and punctual service that ensures the waste traceability and disposal as foreseen by law.


Mission: The Consortium is governed by the principles of mutuality to exercise shellfish farming through the associated cooperatives; the Consortium is led by a Board of Directors, composed of the delegates of all member cooperatives, who elect a President from within.


Mission: Yumè Nippon Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant owned by a young couple, an entrepreneur from Olbia and his Japanese wife. The mission is to propose an interpretation of Japanese cuisine that suits both the local and the international taste, filling in a gap in the previous existent market proposals.

Main Activities: The restaurant serves Japanese food for lunch, dinner and take-away.

Mimi Market

Mission: Mimì Market is an activity specialized in the sale of Romanian food products. Its mission is to allow Romanian people residing in the area to maintain their link to the homeland and to find their typical products.

Main Activities: The shop offers a selection of the best Romanian gastronomic products (sweets, meat, beer…) and is also available to provide special products by request of the customer.

Sardinia Boats

Mission: Work in the nautical sector, in collaboration with the nearby Hotel, which did not offer nautical services among its proposals, offering also guided tours. Our aim is to allow participants, mainly families, to get away from everyday life, to enjoy their holiday, in an atmosphere of light-heartedness and sociability, and to offer good opportunities for sharing between parents and children.


Mission: The business is the result of the passion and love for the profession on the part of the owner who, in many years of experience, has surrounded himself with a winning and close-knit team of competent and qualified collaborators, united by an ambitious goal: to constantly guarantee the full satisfaction of the client. The business has embarked on a successful path, based on an approach constantly devoted to listening to the customer and his needs, the availability and willingness to consolidate a relationship of trust and mutual respect between the public and professionals. The concrete and positive feedback from the inhabitants of the area comes from a daily work committed to the total attention to detail, with the aim of proposing a complete network of services and offers in a dynamic and proactive environment.



Mission: Manufacture of furniture and decoration with wood and other recycled materials, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of wood related waste streams.

Furniture, decoration, recycling and second life of wood and other materials. Direct sales to the general public.

Recycling and second life of elements that are going to be discarded. Reduction of the environmental impact of wood related waste and revaluing of waste streams. Inn: Mix of decorative elements (crystal wood), treatment and work on wood. Instead of using new wood, they use recycled wood from other furniture or remains to create new products of all kinds. Furniture, decorative items, key chains, planters, …

Their philosophy is based upon reducing waste and upcycling and revaluing of wood waste and wood products, to reduce waste and environmental impact.

They collaborate with companies related to nature such as Succulent Art ( dedicated to the cultivation, purchase and sale of succulents. They use social networks to promote themselves and as an exhibition for their products. From here they teach how they work and where they get the wood. The website is under construction.


Mission: Its mission is to teach us how to live in our environment and exploit all the possibilities it offers us to develop new knowledge and concerns.

Programs of all kinds of activities: theater, leisure for the elderly, recycling and creativity, sustainability. This company has activities in the interior coastal area and promotes the use of these areas in the region as well as taking advantage of tourism.

Inn: It has a website with all its programs and activities. The innovation lies in the wide array of different activities which are offered, and the combination of knowledge on culture and art and tourism of their initiators.

They carry out cultural activities of recycling, revitalization of neighborhoods, leisure for the disabled. They want to revitalize economically depressed rural areas, offering services and activities to regenerate the area. It is a company registered in the Registry of Tourist Companies of Extremadura. They collaborate with public authorities for several of their activities.


Mission: Geo Trung has been raised in Badajoz and is a chef of sushi and Japanese dishes. His plan has been to open a restaurant of hot and cold food, type izakaya with affordable prices for the city of Badajoz and a close deal

Varied tapas, they change the covers from time to time or leave what they are and put new ones for a limited time. A strong point is its menu for 10 euros and tasting menus that are changing.

Their restaurant is linked to the sea and they offer a quality product informing where their raw materials come from.

Traditional Japanese cuisine (the only one in Badajoz), hot food and izakaya atmosphere. (Japanese tapas). It’s economic. COURSES: free to children from the school in front (Lope de Vega) and collaboration with the AMPA of school (Association of mothers and fathers of students).

Extremadura Activa

Mission: Extremadura activa is the Association of professionals in the Active Tourism and Leisure and Leisure Time sector in Extremadura. It brings together companies and professional entrepreneurs who share problems and concerns regarding their professional sector and intend to make a common front for the development of the sector in our autonomous community.

  • Promotion and dissemination of member companies
  • Interlocution with public administrations to influence the development of the Active Tourism sector
  • Fight against professional intrusion and service fraud.
  • Development of the training of professionals in the sector in our region.
  • Interlocution with national and international entities to position Active tourism in the forefront in our region.

Boost natural and rural tourism. The professionals of this sector meet in the region with the concern of developing the sector in a productive and sustainable way, with a long-term vision. The intention is to influence the development of the regional tourism model.

Valle Aventura, Valle de los molinos, Ultreia Rumbo Sur SLL, Sertur, Naturacción, MOnfragüe vivo, Légola servicios turísticos, La Aldea Juglar, Jertextrem aventura, Gerocio, Aossa Extremadura, Action Vera naturaleza y aventura.


Mission: The purpose is to promote the sustainable development of our exploitation and make known the livestock of this rural area.

Main Activities: Guided tours, descents and canoe trips on the Almonte River, guided and interactive tours, guided tours of the Dehesa, explaining its different uses and also teach the production process of the different species of the farm (workshops and workshops). Target: People, people and professionals, who want to learn, improve or increase their knowledge regarding livestock in the area. There are also participants who come with the purpose of enjoying leisure in nature

Garganta de los Infiernos

Mission: Minimize the negative impacts of tourism on the natural environment and maximize the positive ones, applying global sustainability criteria in the planning and development of our activities, especially in those related to wildlife observation, as in our ornithological activities.

Outdoor activities based on the sustainable development of the Jerte environment. People who like nature and, within this type of tourism, people who like adventure, sports and workshops and life in nature in general

Sustainable development and respect for our environment in the norextremeña region of Valle del Jerte, La Vera, Valle del Ambroz, Monfragüe and Plasencia. All activities gear around the mission and philosophy of respect for the natural environment and focus on the positive impact of sustainable and responsible tourism, while reducing the negative impacts of tourism activities on this environment.

Tujerte, guidex, aneta work together in this project. Tujerte: Tourism association of Valle del Jerte. Guidex: Extremadura asociacion of professional guides in ornithology and  nature. Aneta: National association of active tourism

Granja Insectos

Mission: Production of insects for human food and other animals (PAT) and even for pets

Isla del Zujar

Mission: Since 1997 SERTUR works in Extremadura doing sports, training and educational activities related to nature, culture, leisure and free time and rural tourism.

Leisure and free time activities that take place in a natural environment. One of the pioneer companies in the active tourism sector in Extremadura that has games, sports, adventure, workshops, camps as well as fishing and bird watching activities. It also has a pier and a wetlands interpretation centre.

Wide range of sports, training and educational activities related to nature, culture, leisure and free time and rural tourism around the area of Zujar lake. It has an interpretation centre on wetlands to disseminate knowledge ad generate respect for these type of surroundings. General public but also educational centers, associations, and groups. It has a psecialy activity offer for persons with reduced mobility.

It was the first company in the region to offer active tourism around one of the articifical lakes in the region while at the same time ensuring respect for the environment.

They also offer acitities specifically adapted to persons with reduced mobility. It is located in the lake of Zújar and helps to develop active tourism in the area. It aims to develop active tourism respecting the surroundings and the nature in around the water.

The organization collaborates with Extremadura Cheese Route City halls Schools from the region. Associations such as La Serena or La Campiña Sur It is actively involved in the La Serene country activities. Among its clients are the regional and provincial governments with whom they also collaborate

Lake Cijara

Mission: The objective of our services is that the fishing days are unforgettable and that they keep a good memory of the days that they spend in our company. Respect for the environment is an integral part of this mission.

Main Activities: Sport fishing and water activities in the area of the Cijara reservoir, located in the extreme east of the provinces of Extremadura. Routes in boat and kayak for fishing, rental of fhsing equipment and kayak sales.

Cijara Lake is one of the most famous reservoirs of Extremadura for the enormous amount of Black Bass, Lucios and Barbos, offering its waters for many years now a great quantity and quality of catches.

Inn: Advice with the techniques to follow according to the season of the year in which we find ourselves, ensuring that the activities respect the seasons and the particularities with regards to fishing of each of these seasons. Offer tourism activities related to fishing while respecting the environment and the fauna.

The organisation is registered in the regional register for tourism enterprises. Partners are: Casa Rural La Mina, Casa Rural Baños, Romebass Fishing and Appalachian International Trail, Casa Rural La Mina, Casa Rural Baños,


Mission: Expand and consolidate the role of agroecology in the rural environment, as a tool to achieve true sustainable development, from a local perspective and under the criteria of social environmentalism.

Several comprehensive services, all related to agroecology. They have 3 areas of action: engineering, training and advice, international cooperation. People are motivated and committed to the values of ecology, agroecology and sustainability.

The organisation aims to consolidate the role of agro-ecology in a rural environment. From the agroecological perspective, we offer a quality service in the broadest sense, covering professionalism, solidarity human relations and fair economic exchange, in a context that respects the environment, contributing to rural development with concrete sustainable formulas.

Introduction of new technologies in production processes, contacts with collaborators and innovation networks, at the regional and national level, implementation of pilot projects: Biodiversity, Seeds, Composting & Games. Our work strategy is based on mutual support for network growth. We develop research in the fields, where there are deficiencies, and we give it disclosure and application (research, disclosure and application). We review the methodologies used in the various fields in which we work, to develop them under agroecological and participatory criteria (hipster approach).

We promote the creation of alternative and specific local networks, with the objective of contributing to rural agro-ecological development, actively participating in social ecology forums (network approach and new forms of relationship)

They are committed to sustainable development and social ecology within a critical and critical climate. They take advantage of the region in which they find themselves to investigate how to improve these practices in nature. Contributing to create a solid and stable agroecological sector in Spain. It connects all the actors involved (farmers, producers, distributors, marketers …) and mobilizes a critical mass to have a voice in decision-making areas.

Sabor Cubano

Mission: On the occasion of opening this Cuban food restaurant in Badajoz, it was entrepreneurship and publicizing Cuban culture through gastronomy. Make Cuba known in Badajoz, the place of residence of the owner of the restaurant.

Traditional Cuban food and specialty in typical Cuban mojitos.

They have no direct impact with the blue economy but if it is a business of people from Cuba in Spain, of immigrants who have started from scratch bringing their culture to Spain.

It is the only Cuban food restaurant in Badajoz. They promote mojitos and are their main advertising engine.

Most of its audience with young Spaniards although it also has a larger audience based in the bar every afternoon, this group forms a sports club in the restaurant.

SM Servicios Medioambientales


To be a benchmark entity in the community and in the sector, for its sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Improve the health and quality of life of people. Encourage the use of techniques compatible with the green and circular economy, which promote sustainable development. Improve the employability of women and / or other groups in situation or risk of social exclusion, favoring the hiring of any of these. Offer quality employment to workers and / or employees, through salary improvements, reconciliation assistance, flexible hours, teleworking, etc.

SM is dedicated to environmental advice for the provinces of Badajoz and Cáceres. Its objective is to improve the environmental and hygiene conditions of its clients’ facilities and increase the quality of life of its workers and users.

Inn: SM is characterized by using innovative techniques and products, in addition to being environmentally friendly and prioritizing the use of sustainable products and techniques. They believe that the future is in innovation and sustainable development.

Respect for the environment and compliance with regulations are two fundamental aspects to consider. The role of SM is to be interlocutors between the client and the health authority. They carry out an initial environmental consultancy and, based on the needs identified, carry out the corresponding actions to comply with current regulations.

Water quality, pest control, environmental advice

Environmental Advice: aimed at meeting the needs of companies, public administrations and individuals. Prevention and control of legionella: in buildings for collective use, industrial facilities or means of transport with the aim of preventing and controlling legionellosis, using sustainable and environmentally friendly products and techniques. Air quality control: with the aim of considerably reducing the levels of environmental pollution in Extremadura, mainly inside any type of installation.

Pest control: using sustainable techniques and products in the treatment of pests in public and private facilities.

Partner are : Action against hunger, Diputación de Badajoz, Vives Emprende program, ARtePalé

Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union 2018-1-IT02-KA204-048365

Vera Mountain

Its mission is to bring people closer to the mountain and to discover sports in nature while teaching different activities and techniques so that the activities are safe and fun in equal parts, all with respect for nature and environment.

All kind of activities related to mountains and lakes: Climbing, canoeing, hiking and canyoning in La Vera. Outdoor activities: sport and classic climbing in Gredos, hiking, canoeing and canyoning in La Vera. Descent of ravines of all kinds, from initiation to experts, canyoning through rappelling techniques, jumps or slides with the guide company. Vera Mountain offers hiking, canoeing, climbing in Gredos and canyoning in La Vera. They also offer training courses in any of the mentioned activities.

The organisation offers water-tourism related activities, respectful of the environment and the nature in which these take place.

People who love nature and adventurers. It is focused on people who like sports in nature and want to do mountain and water sports tourism. Vera Mountain was created in 2013 by Andros García, a mountain and climbing sports technician. Andros has experience as a mountain guide in Galayos, Picos de Europa and Pyrenees. He has also been doing mountain activities for more than 15 years.


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