Inclusion and Sustainability Workshops for Global Social Entrepreneurs
A filed day in slavery free supply chains to social entrepreneurs from conflict zones that are
gathered in Athens for the Yearly Summit of US Seeds of Peace NGO.
Audience 25 people. They are 20-35 years old, from US, Israel, Palestine, Bangladesh,
Pakistan, India etc. All are social entrepreneurs or advocates for social causes in their home
countries, includes some journalists and researchers. Members of staff will also join from
Seeds of Peace. They all have some experience in things like refugee support, education,
non-profits etc.
15 November 2018 in ANKAA Work spaces for refugees
Agenda of the day:
9:00-11:00 Design thinking workshop on Slavery Free supply chains and the eradication of
Forced Labour through a startup that integrate refugees, victims of trafficking and
migrants in production
Instructor: Dr Fiori Zafeiropoulou Fashion Revolution Country Coordinator Greece & Founder
Addressing the challenges of SOFFA social enterprise to develop slavery free garments
through zero exploitation supply chains all the way back to the farm, where raw material
cotton is produced. SOFFA empowers women victims of human trafficking and refugee
women through vocational training and work integration in the eco-sustainable fashion
industry; SOFFA produces through zero waste techniques. Fashion Revolution; world’s biggest fashion activism movement for a fairer, safer, more transparent fashion industry. We
ask only one question: Who made my clothes?

11:00-12:30 Upcycling workshop; Recycling Plastic to produce new products from a first
generation migrant woman in Greece
Théla is an upcycling initiative that handcrafts products with discarded plastic bags.
The founder of Théla, Diti Kotecha a migrant from India, will be talking about her initiative,
how the products are made and also about the impact of plastic on the environment and
how to live with less waste.

Space: SOFFA tailoring space in ANKAA workspaces for refugees in Votanikos, Dimaraki 29.

Seeds of Peace is an organisation focused on conflict resolution and in inspiring youth to
become active participants in the promoting peace in conflict regions. They provide
leadership development to young people and support the development of projects by young
people in places like Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Pakistan etc through mentoring, capacity
building, fundraising etc. They support a couple of projects in Greece, including El Sistema
and a language school in Lesvos, based in One Happy Family centre.
Gather Summit Their annual Gather Summit brings together current projects they support
as well as many of their alumni. It's an opportunity to bring together a great community of
young people from countries around the world that are all working in social innovation,
social justice, conflict resolution etc. This year they have picked Athens. Participants are in

their twenties and thirties, so mostly a young crowd. Board members and important donors
will also be joining the event.