Inclusion and Sustainability Workshops for Blue Growth Social Entrepreneurs
A design thinking workshop on social innovation and sustainability to prospective social
entrepreneurs and youth leaving in the North of Greece coastal areas.
Audience 40 people. From unemployed youth to long-term unemployed. Among the
audience there are also 5 people facing disabilities. The audience are prospective social
entrepreneurs leaving in the coastal regions in the North of Greece near the borders to
17 December 2018 in Technical University of Kavala, Thrace region
Agenda of the day:

16:00-18:00 Design thinking workshop on Slavery Free supply chains and the eradication of
Forced Labour through a start-up that integrates refugees, victims of trafficking and
migrants in production
Instructor: Dr Fiori Zafeiropoulou Fashion Revolution Country Coordinator Greece & Founder
Addressing the challenges of SOFFA social enterprise to develop slavery free garments
through zero exploitation supply chains all the way back to the farm, where raw material
cotton is produced. SOFFA empowers women victims of human trafficking and refugee
women through vocational training and work integration in the eco-sustainable fashion
industry; SOFFA produces through zero waste techniques. Fashion Revolution; world’s
biggest fashion activism movement for a fairer, safer, more transparent fashion industry. We
ask only one question: Who made my clothes?